The Doppel Gang is written by Dominic Hedges and is a comedy farce set in a run down old theatre during the Second World War.

It follows Lombard, the theatre owner, and some of his regular acts; Cyril, Rachel and Tommy, as they try to make ends meet. Cyril's love of the Marx Brothers gives him the 'ingenious' idea of putting on a show as the dynamic trio, which would surely fix their financial worries. However, clashing personalities and the potential of Tommy's past catching up to him could put these best laid plans in jeopardy. As war rages on and spirits need to be kept high. Can they put on the greatest show of all or will it be a comedy of errors?

Tour Locations

10th September 2015 - The Met - Bury

12th September 2015 - The Lantern Theatre Liverpool

25th September 2015 - The Heron Theatre - Beetham

29th September 2015 - The Assembly Rooms Theatre - Durham

8th October 2015 - Pavilion Arts Centre - Buxton

10th October 2015 - Nottingham Arts Theatre - Nottingham

29th October 2015 - The Continental - Preston

31st October 2015 - Quorn Village Hall - Leicestershire

13th November 2015 - Brentwood Theatre - Brentwood

18th November 2015 - Square Chapel Theatre - Halifax

26th November 2015 - CAST - Doncaster

"...holding attention till the end and with a real air of professional slickness."

"Urry's clipped, classically British mannerisms as Lombard provoke both amusement and pitying sympathy"

"The audience certainly loved the piece, with constant laughter throughout"

"Rachel Hartley's passionate turn as Rachel, powerfully captured the sense that her character was the wisest and most insightful of the group"

The Creative Team
Rachel Hartley
Dominic Hedges
Peter Stone
Joshua Hale
Jordan Moore
Elana Benedettini
Jake Urry
Terrence Mann
Anastasia Burton
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