A note from the writer, James Martin Charlton

This project is an opportunity for me to push my praxis in new directions, and also to explore ways in which the contemporary theatre play can be taken to new places in terms of genre and technology.

This is a conscious re-engagement with the contemporary world, dealing head-on with the questions and problems which humanity faces in the twenty-first century. The play explores with the insidious nature of ideology, and how human relations may be corrupted by unseen forces which may be influencing individuals and their behaviours.

Although it will have a contemporary setting, it will engage with genres beyond realism in order to create poetic paradigms which capture the tensions of our lives in ways which are beyond the merely descriptive. The integration of technology extends my interest in VR and AR. The foray into the horror genre will allow me to explore creatively in this form, as previously I have explored such genres/forms as expressionism, science fiction and the well-made play.

The Creative Team
Jake Urry
Peter Stone
Jordan Moore
Nasa Ohalete
James Martin Charlton
David Cottis
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