Just Some Theatre’s Forward Dialogue initiative invites writers of any experience to submit their unperformed and original scripts for developmental online readings with actors and directors.


We ask all applicants to submit a full (unperformed) theatre script. Our team will then select the top ten submissions and each shortlisted writer will be given a £70 fee for participation in the next stage, a reading of an extract (chosen by the writer), and feedback from an online audience, actors and a dramaturg/director.


The next round will see three of those scripts taken further, with each writer receiving an extra £150, plus a further, more in depth script reading, after which a final script will be chosen and the writer awarded an £800 prize and the option of having actors develop the script further, supported by Just Some Theatre. 

We will also be offering production advice and helping to springboard scripts into production when the theatre industry is operating again.

Round One

Performance of script extract online - 10 scripts over 3 nights

Actors, audience, dramaturg and Just Some Theatre provide feedback


Round Two

Performance of 3 scripts chosen from previous 10

Actors, audience, dramaturg and Just Some Theatre provide further feedback


Final Script

Full reading and workshopping of final script

A full script reading service package provided by Brush Stroke Order

Opportunity to develop the script further online with a cast and dramaturg provided by Just Some Theatre


We are looking for Actors & Directors to help develop the ten scripts chosen for this project.


  • All Actors & Directors will be paid £70 per day. 

  • Available for one of the following: 1st, 2nd or 3rd of July 2020.

  • A reliable internet connection for video conferencing is essential.


Round 1 of Forward Dialogue will involve 2-3 hours of rehearsing as a group, working through an extract before performing to a group online later that day. Afterwards we’ll ask for some feedback on the scripts so that writers can develop it further. Some Actors & Directors may be asked to return for Round 2 and for the final script reading (also paid at £70 per day). 


We predominantly produce new writing theatre productions and for that reason we are passionate about hearing from Theatre Actors and Theatre Directors. To apply for a position please fill out the form below and if you have any issues please contact us on info@justsometheatre.co.uk 

Submissions are open from 3rd June at 12:00 (Noon) until 9th June 12:00 (Noon).


Attach CV
If attaching a file please allow a moment for it submit properly. You will receive a confirmation message when application is complete


Is this a script commission for Just Some Theatre?

No. This project is aimed at keeping writers and actors creative during the coronavirus pandemic, where day rates are provided for participation. The aim is to help develop 10 scripts by giving them an open reading and feedback. We are not asking writers to write anything new for initial submission, and the final work will not necessarily be produced by Just Some Theatre. 


I live outside the UK, can I apply?

Sadly not for this script submission, this project is backed by Arts Council England and we are trying to ensure that during the COVID-19 Pandemic we support as many UK based artists as possible.

I’m an Actor & Director can I apply for both positions?

Yes you can, but you’ll need to apply twice using the form above - once for each position.


How do I know if my internet speed/connection will work for the project?

The easiest way to check is to video call someone you know, if it doesn’t freeze or lag (appear slow) then your internet speed shouldn't be a problem for the project.


If selected will I have to learn the script?

No, you’ll be given the script a day before your rehearsal/performance and we ask that you read through the extract, become familiar with the script but the performances are script in hand via Zoom. 


I only direct/act recorded media such as films/tv, can I apply?

You can apply, however as we are a theatre company and the scripts submitted are written for the stage we are primarily focussing on applicants with theatre experience

Any other questions?

Please email info@justsometheatre.co.uk

This project is funded by Arts Council England.

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